Special Projects

Check out some of our collaborations and special works!

Dreamfather Loves You is an exclusive game we made for Meow Wolf’s “The Real Unreal” exhibition in Grapevine, Texas. 

Described by the LA Times as a game that asks players “to think deeply about our parental relationships and how we manage emotions,” Dreamfather Loves You sees players use an esoteric mechanic to navigate the relationship with a father whose desires, interests, and dislikes are ever-changing.

You can read more about the project, lovingly referred to as “the Daddy Issues Game” by “The Real Unreal” staff, on Meow Wolf’s Website.

Recommendation Dog!! is an adorable action-puzzle game about being a tiny dog with a very big job. You work at a temp agency, cranking through names in your rotary organizer to fulfill the wacky, lovely, and strange requests of the people who come through your door. Check out more about this Playdate exclusive, made by Sweet Baby Inc. in collaboration with Strange Scaffold, on the Playdate website.